What Is Gambling?

Gambling, by definition, is betting or wagering money or other assets of value, no matter how small or large, on the uncertain outcome of a game of chance.

Are You A Compulsive Gambler?

gamble Have you ever found yourself doing any of the following?
  • Craving the excitement of gambling, and feeling irritable, unhappy and distressed when you’re not gambling,
  • Feeling the need to gamble with increasing amounts of money,
  • Hurting family, friends, loved ones and other people to gamble,
  • Missing work or school or dismissing other obligations just to go gambling,
  • Feel unable to exert control over gambling and stop?
If the answer to any of the questions above is “Yes,” then your gambling has taken over your life. Do you want to put an end to it? If you do, but don’t know how, seek out Gamblers Anonymous.

What is Gamblers Anonymous?

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship, comprised of men and women who have managed to stop gambling, and are ready to share their experience with other people who have a gambling problem. As a group, they are self-supporting, and are not affiliated with any other organization, be it political, religious or other. The primary goal of Gamblers Anonymous is to help any individual who wants to stop gambling and needs their help to achieve it. Membership in Gamblers Anonymous is free. All you have to do become a member is to want to stop gambling and attend one of their meetings.

History of Gamblers Anonymous

Originally, Gamblers Anonymous was founded on September 13, way back in 1957, in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, the organization has grown and spread throughout the world. Today, there are Gamblers Anonymous groups not only all over the USA, but also in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Ireland, Japan, Korea and numerous other locations around the world.

What kind of treatment does Gamblers Anonymous offer?

Primarily, Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12-step recovery problem, which is focused on spiritual principles and sound medical therapy. Underneath it all, is Gamblers Anonymous treatment of compulsive gambling as an illness that, while may not be cured, it can certainly be arrested and stopped. Their primary message is that there is hope for compulsive gamblers, and that there is a way to arrest the illness and reverse the negative effects it has had on the recovering gamblers.

How to reach out and get help today?

Make sure you tell your relatives about your problem, be 100% open with them and don’t hold anything back.
Contact us through our contact form and let us know where you live, so we can help you find the closest facility to your location.
Always stay alert and realize that even after you consider yourself cured, there might be triggers that might cause a relapse.

Who Can Benefit From Gamblers Anonymous?

Gamblers Anonymous offers help to anyone who wants to stop gambling. However, they know that a desire to stop gambling is not enough, and that the first step to healing is for its members to face the reality and the fact that he or she has a gambling problem. The 12-Step program has worked for most of their members; however, it will not work for the person who is not ready to treat their gambling problem as an illness. They understand that there is always a psychological reason why the person feels the compulsion to gamble, and they help their members find that reason. It is why their 12-Step recovering program is rooted in having their members adopt spiritual principles that are not associated with any religion.

What it means to be a member of Gamblers Anonymous?

Becoming a member of Gamblers Anonymous means that the compulsive gambler will get help to become a better person and change in a fundamental way. Since the members of Gamblers Anonymous are former gamblers and gamblers on the road to recovery, Gamblers Anonymous is the place where compulsive gamblers can find understanding, and even if they suffer a relapse, Gamblers Anonymous can find ways to help them. What is needed to ensure a successful road to recovery with Gamblers Anonymous’ 12-Step program is following the ancient spiritual principles diligently and with a lot of faith, as well as following the steps in the recovery program and attending the meetings they organize throughout numerous locations in the world. Each person who has a gambling problem and desires to stop needs to face the problem, and be willing to make a fundamental change within his or herself to defeat the compulsive and destructive addiction to gambling. He or she also needs to stay open minded, and be honest, both during the meetings and out of them, and mostly be honest to his or herself. A person needs to be aware when they are doing something wrong, when they are on the edge of a relapse, and seek help in preventing such setbacks. All of this requires an immense deal of determination and willpower.

The Future of Gambling Addiction Treatment

The future of gambling addiction treatment looks positively bright because of the existence of Gamblers Anonymous. Its growing number of members shows that there are many people in the world who suffer, either directly, or indirectly, from compulsive gambling. The world at large is more aware of this problem, and this has lead to many discoveries in how to cure the illness of compulsive gambling, and with every new member, and his or her experience, Gamblers Anonymous gains a new perspective, which is highly beneficial in helping other people who share the same problem. Like any other addiction, be it alcohol or drugs, Gamblers Anonymous have established another group for families and friends of people who have a gambling problem, called Gam-Anon. Now, friends and family members of a person who has a gambling problem can also help, and share what they have learned with others.

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